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Anyone can participate in the secondary production.

METALSWORD SENKI is a new title remade as an NFT collection based on the characters and worldview of the trading card game CLOCKWORK MEMOLION.

CLOCKWORK MEMOLION is a card game that has been in production since 2011 and was commercialized through crowdfunding in 2019, receiving high praise from many people not only for its gameplay but also for its characters, story, and worldview.

METALSWORD SENKI wants to be a title that anyone can freely create secondary works.
Therefore, we have created NFT to benefit everyone involved in this work.
We plan to provide a place where creators can share useful materials for their productions and the works they have created.

If you want to collect METALSWORDS, support us, or are interested in producing them, please acquire a METALSWORD.

There are many benefits to becoming a holder, so let's all work together to make METALSWORD SENKI a success! 

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